Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) In Kentucky

Kentucky Regional Men’s Chorus

Annual Retreat Registration

February 2 – 4, 2018

General Butler State Resort Park, Carrollton, Kentucky

Updated 12/13/17



Make your reservations at:

General Butler State Resort Park

1608 KY HWY 227, Carrollton, KY 41008

(502) 732-4384

We will be singing at Sunday morning worship at:

First Christian Church – 316 Ann Street – Frankfort, Kentucky 40601


 Twenty-Five Years!

Yes, this upcoming Men’s Chorus Retreat will be the twenty-fifth. It is difficult for me to believe that we have lasted this long and had the tremendous impact we have had. I feel certain that none of us engaged in the initial conversation about getting men together “just to sing” imagined this day. I know that that I did not.

If we are to be completely honest, and that is a very difficult thing to do, we must marvel at the work of God’s creative Spirit. Only God could imagine a group such as ours, and only the Comforter could empower this ministry and imbue it with staying power.

The 2018 version of “Singing From the Back Row” will take place February 2-4. The reason we are a week later than the past few years (remember when we often disrupted Valentine Day) is that General Butler State Resort Park was unable to accommodate us for the last weekend in January. We owe Rick a debt of gratitude for working with them to get us in the first weekend in February. Our Sunday performance will be at First Christian Church in Frankfort. We have sung there in the past, but not since I was called as their Senior Minister almost ten years ago.

There was a good deal of talk about doing something grander for our twenty-fifth year. Again, we must thank Rick for the energy he put into looking into the possibility that we do a small trip. However, there did not seem to be sufficient energy in the group itself for such a plan. I think it could have been great fun and also been an opportunity for us to share our singing retreat concept with others, but I also think it is great that we are simply going to do what we have always done, get together to enrich our faith lives through making music, making friends and digging a little deeper into the world experiential spiritual growth.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every man who has ever sung with us were to attend this year! I know that it is not possible, but it is fun to imagine. This has never really been about numbers. Yes, as the retreat approached 100 participants we were excited, but that numerical excitement was always tempered by our belief that participating in the retreat and singing in this choir is a potentially transforming experience. And that belief has not changed. So, I hope you will continue to encourage previous attendees to come back and invite new singers to join us.

I know that you are interested in the progress being made on the production of the CD we recorded this past January. I recognize that the turnaround has not been as quick as we might have hoped. There are numerous reasons for the slowness, but I think we are very close to putting the CD into production. All of the copyrights have been obtained. All of the editing has been done. Work has been done on the cover. So, I expect we will have the finished product very soon. My thanks to Bill Johnson for all his work.

In a week or two I will again ask Rick to send you another email. The subject of said email will be choosing music for this year’s retreat. Except for one or perhaps two new pieces, I am thinking that you should choose the pieces you would like to sing for our Twenty-Fifth Anniversary. So, with Rick’s help, I will pull together a list of the anthems we have sung over the years. We will do the best we can, but it is likely we will miss a few. If we do, feel free to name them if it should be your desire. Please do not respond to this letter with your favorites. And please know that we can’t sing every piece that you will suggest. The plan is to use the top nine or ten numbers. Needless to say, you do not need to vote for “Rise Up O Church” or “The Comforter.”

If you have not registered with the Regional Office, please do so. And if you have not made reservations with the Park, it’s time for that as well. Thank you in advance for what I pray will be our best retreat yet.

In closing, I want to express my deep appreciation to Rick for all the work he does on our behalf. He does the difficult work which allows me to just show up. His passion is infectious and his commitment amazing. Thank you, Rick, you are the best!


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Below is a list of pieces we have sung in the past. It does not include every anthem we have sung, but it includes most of them. We will, of course sing “The Comforter” so you need not choose it as a favorite. Because the list is quite long, and there could be more than 100 men participate in this survey of favorites, please choose no more than four that you hope will be included in our singing at First Christian Frankfort. Obviously, we cannot include all your favorites, but I will attempt to include as many of your “most favorite” as possible.

To make it possible for me to order sufficient copies of the music, I need to place an order before the end of the year. Therefore, please respond by December 25. Rather than returning this long list with something checked or circled, please just send a note with your chosen favorite’s titles. Please address your response directly to my email:

I have been told by a few men, that if you simply call General Butler and try to reserve a room for Feb. 2-4, 2018 you will be told there is “no room in the inn.” Be certain that you inform them that you’re with the Men’s Chorus.

Hope your Christmas is a time of great rejoicing! See you in February - John

Ain't No Rock Gonna' Shout for Me

All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name

All that I Am

Amazing Grace

At The Cross


Battle Hymn of the Republic

Be Thou My Vision

Bound For Jubilee


Do Not Be Afraid

Every Time I Feel the Spirit

Gift Of Love

Give Us A Song

Hail To The Lord's Anointed

He Never Failed Me Yet

I Love You Lord

I Must Tell Jesus

I Will Lift My Eyes

I'M New-Born Again

Inscription Of Hope

Jubilant Song

Just A Closer Walk With Thee

Lay Up Your Treasure in Heaven

Let the Name of the Lord Be Praised

Lord, Listen To Your Children

Lord's Prayer


Poor Man Lazarus

Ride The Chariot

Rise Up, O Church of God

River of Judea

Soon and Very Soon

Sov'reign Lord, Creator, R